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Zombie Games

Zombie Games

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Infectonator : Hot Chase 1.5k
Play Infectonator : Hot Chase - Free online game Evil game at its best! Your bloody zombie horde will have to chase those innocent bystanders as you run after the newsgirl! Tons of devilish upgrades, events, characters! Lots of f [...]
Decision:Medieval 2.5k
Play Decision:Medieval - Free online game Upgrading towers, mines, searching hidden stashes, and most of all killing those bloody zombies! Decision:Medieval is blood filled game full of various kinds of zombies, goblins an [...]
Headless Zombie 1.4k
Play Headless Zombie - Free online game Carl is a former noble who turned into zombie after certain "incident". Your task is to sort things out in your kingdom and not lose your head in the process! However you can use y [...]
Zombo Buster 1.1k
Play Zombo Buster - Free online game Line up your anti-zombie squad and protect Medan City from the awful zombification in this strategy game. [...]
Shotgun vs Zombies 1.2k
Play Shotgun vs Zombies - Free online game Fight hordes of zombies and upgrade your shotgun to the maximum level. You earn cash for each killed zombie. Beware though as your shotgun becomes better so will the zombies you ar [...]
CraZ Outbreak 1.3k
Play CraZ Outbreak - Free online game Fight your way through the zombies infested town, just you, your trusty handgun and a barricade are your only friends.. Use experience gained in each level to improve your skills. [...]
HexTown 6.9k
Play HexTown - Free online game How big can your Town get? Match 3 pieces of the same type to grow a new piece. Match 3 bushes to create tree, 3 trees to create Cotage etc. Evil Zombies will try to hamper your [...]
Turkish Warrior 1.5k
Play Turkish Warrior - Free online game Turkish warrior is defending his platform at all costs. Shoot all the enemies and purchase new better weapons. [...]
SAS: Zombie Assault 3 1.2k
Play SAS: Zombie Assault 3 - Free online game Play on several Maps, use tons of weapons, gain ranks and even play multiplayer in this "Defend my House" style of game. Up to 4 player co-op multiplayer is here for your zombie [...]
Infectonator 2 3.4k
Play Infectonator 2 - Free online game Create powerful zombie virus to spread among people on all continetns of the Earth. More Super-Zombies, more Upgrades, more strategy, nicer grpahics but most of all more deaths a [...]
Bio Zombie 1.3k
Play Bio Zombie - Free online game Our hero, Bruce, was a retired soldier who was detained in a sleep chamber on a secret island laboratory.When he regained consciousness, he discovered that he was not aloneā€¦ Zomb [...]
Nerd vs Zombies 2 1.2k
Play Nerd vs Zombies 2 - Free online game Fight the zombies horde. Collect points, upgrade your nerd and buy new weapons. [...]
Decision 2: New City 3.4k
Play Decision 2: New City - Free online game Awesome graphics and animation in this cool zombie shooter will give you hours of zombie fun! Take under control another city full of foul creatures. Build your Factories, protect [...]
Mindy in Zombieland 1.5k
Play Mindy in Zombieland - Free online game Help Mindy to get out of the Zombieland.
Mindy can control zombies with her mind. [...]
Zombie Guard 1.5k
Play Zombie Guard - Free online game From the cargo door of an black hawk aircraft your mission is to guard the zombies area and protect the palisade wall.
Consist of 20 levels zombie defense with different type an [...]
Zombie Dolls 3.2k
Play Zombie Dolls - Free online game Your neighbourhood is under siege from zombified dolls. Many of your neighbours have fled to safer lands, but you are determined to stand and fight to protect your home. Stop the z [...]
Zombie Blitz 1.9k
Play Zombie Blitz - Free online game Simple fun game, play without much thinking ;) [...]
All Hallow's Eve 3.8k
Play All Hallow's Eve - Free online game All Hallows eve flash shooting game with lots of blood. This game has lots of blood guts and yeah not forgetting brains. [...]
Blood, Brains & Bullets 1 10k
Play Blood, Brains & Bullets 1 - Free online game Kill all Zombies before they get to you! Buy weapons and defences to help you survive for 15 days.

Mouse: Aim and fire
Change weapons: 1-8
Zoom (if you have [...]