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War Games

War Games

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Samurai Rebellion 913
Play Samurai Rebellion - Free online game Lead your fierce samurai forces into open rebellion and conquer Japan! You are living in the shadow of the unworthy Shogun Nobunaga for far too long, already. Time to gather your [...]
Siege Knight 1.5k
Play Siege Knight - Free online game A fun defense and shooting game hybrid. Defeat wave after wave of enemies through strategic trap placement and fast shooting! Level up and spend points to upgrade your characters a [...]
Battle Panic 1.4k
Play Battle Panic - Free online game Conquer the orcs in 12 action packed levels. Learn skills improve your military and most of all, Have Fun! [...]
Nob War: The Elves 1.1k
Play Nob War: The Elves - Free online game Nob War is a fantastic strategy game where you command legion of Bowmen to assist your army in victory! You have to protect flag bearing legion from obliteration by firing arrows a [...]
Pixel Legions 1.1k
Play Pixel Legions - Free online game Pixel legions is a very original strategy war game. You are in command of base that produces armies made of small pixels. Your task is to destroy all other pixel armies along with [...]
Underground War 1.4k
Play Underground War - Free online game Conquer the entire Underground Caverns with your mighty army of well traind soliders. Improve their fighting skills for money you earn in each Level. [...]
Deadly Neighbors 2 1.2k
Play Deadly Neighbors 2 - Free online game Create family of deadly fighters and conquer the entire neighbourhood! Fight against real players' created families! [...]
Mechanical Commando 1.1k
Play Mechanical Commando - Free online game You are a commanding officer of a Mechanical Robot set out to anihilate anything that moves, well, in fact anything.. [...]
War Card 2 1.3k
Play War Card 2 - Free online game Buy new cards, improve strength of your armies and spells and most of all Conquer everything! [...]
HumVsZerg5 1.3k
Play HumVsZerg5 - Free online game Lead your elite forces to the victory in this unique Action packed Tower Defense game. [...]
Takeover 1.3k
Play Takeover - Free online game Lead one of 3 nations in the battle for Rivadis in this real-time strategy game. For centuries the Rivadis Empire ruled the continent in its shine and glory. But now it fell int [...]
Hordes and Lords 1.2k
Play Hordes and Lords - Free online game Command units of footmen, bowmen, knights, catapults - improve their attack and armor to conquer the entire land. [...]
Artillery Rush 1.3k
Play Artillery Rush - Free online game Kill as may soldiers in as few shots as you can, destroy bridges, cars, ships, well pretty much anything that you can lay your shells on.. [...]
Snake Squad 1.6k
Play Snake Squad - Free online game Make your supreme squad and survive in battlefield as long as you can. Collect loot and upgrade your squad as well as your hero. Squad can contain, Sniper, Bazooka, Flamethrower, [...]
Fronts - No Retreat! 1.7k
Play Fronts - No Retreat! - Free online game The Dictator Tamerlane must fall. Lead the invasion and bring him to justice! Use all of your tactical and strategy skills to defeat him. [...]
Relic of War 1.7k
Play Relic of War - Free online game The year is 1947 and The Great War never ended. A powerful ancient relic has been uncovered! Now, twisted experiments and giant war machines walk the battlefield...forever changing [...]
Angel of the Battlefield 2 2.2k
Play Angel of the Battlefield 2 - Free online game Rescue shot-down pilots from certain death! Crazy rabbit is here to help you out with your rescue mission. [...]
Spear and Katana 2 3.7k
Play Spear and Katana 2 - Free online game Through the variety of deadly quests taking place in a province of ancient Japan, you have to choose combined paths of samurai, ninja, bandit and warrior-monk, gradually improving [...]
Mud and Blood 2 4.2k
Play Mud and Blood 2 - Free online game You are platoon leader in a brutal World War 2 randomly generated field of battle. Try to hold your line of defence as long as you can. Choose your platoon to fit your combaty styl [...]
Army Assault 3.4k
Play Army Assault - Free online game Protect your base from the invasion! Buy and upgrade weapons and stuff. [...]