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Other Games

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Diggy 2.3k
Play Diggy - Free online game Treasures of the Earth await you! Dig down to the core of the Earth to find the most precious one! Digg as deep as you can, don't forget to upgrade your tools as you progress da [...]
Dino Run : Enter Planet D 1.1k
Play Dino Run : Enter Planet D - Free online game Dino has to run from the Death Wave casued by an asteroid imapact! Collect egs and other stuff to get more DNA to evolve faster run, jump and other skills. Brace yourself! [...]
Glean 2 2.5k
Play Glean 2 - Free online game Planets! Resources! Mine! Your task is simple, visit a planet, mine all the resources you can and avoid being destroyed by heat, pressures and enemies. Your mine-robot is fully [...]
Risen: Level Pack 1k
Play Risen: Level Pack - Free online game Solve puzzles to escape various traps and situations. Unique game style, fine art and great mood of this game will get you enthrall you in its mystery.. [...]
GatherX 928
Play GatherX - Free online game To cut down the magic beanstalk you will need resources. Lots and LOTS of resources. Mine various ores, fish in the pond, and prepare for the finale! Upgrade your tools, hire help [...]
Sperm Defense 2 3.2k
Play Sperm Defense 2 - Free online game What happens if a weird ugly guy invents a potion of Handsomeness? Well see for your self in this sequel to the Sperm Tower Defense. Unique towers will help you to beat off thousan [...]
HexFarm 6.9k
Play HexFarm - Free online game How many different animals can your Farm have?
Match 3 animals of the same type to create a new one. Match 3 Eggs to create Hen, 3 Hens to create Sheep, 3 Sheep to... well you [...]
Layer Maze 4 1.5k
Play Layer Maze 4 - Free online game The fourth part of brain breaking 3D puzzle! Make your way through the maze to the exit of the level. Sphere coloring feature is added to this version. New 10 puzzling levels! [...]
Super Bomb Bugs 1.4k
Play Super Bomb Bugs - Free online game It's time for a step back in time to the glory days of arcade platformers. Help Bomb Bug collect up all his treasure and artifacts spread over 20 levels in 4 varied worlds. F [...]
I Can Fly 1.2k
Play I Can Fly - Free online game Save your beloved pig girlfriend from the nasty rat who kidnapped here! Fly up to his planet and rescue her! Improve your wings and stamina in order to reach higher. Increase your [...]
Jim Loves Mary 1.3k
Play Jim Loves Mary - Free online game Unique game where you play two characters at once! You control both Mary and Jim as you help them to meet up behind their parents back. Progress through 20 stages with slowly incre [...]
Dino Eat Meat 1.4k
Play Dino Eat Meat - Free online game Feed the dark red Dinos by cutting the ropes to dilliver the meat to them but avoid the yellow ones, cos' they are not your kin! [...]
Fanged Fun Players Pack 1.5k
Play Fanged Fun Players Pack - Free online game Fun puzzle game where you must change the shape of smileys to get them rolling or to stop them. Try to reach the platform of their color. [...]
Papa's Wingeria 2.3k
Play Papa's Wingeria - Free online game Fry Chicken Wings in this awesome time management game! Take orders, fry wings, add sauces, and most of all work fast! In Papa's Wingeria you are in charge of a restaurant, and you [...]
Bloons 1.7k
Play Bloons - Free online game Pop as many balloons in each level as possible. You have a certain amount of darts in each level and a score to beat. [...]
Shotgun vs Zombies 1.2k
Play Shotgun vs Zombies - Free online game Fight hordes of zombies and upgrade your shotgun to the maximum level. You earn cash for each killed zombie. Beware though as your shotgun becomes better so will the zombies you ar [...]
Furious Moles 1.1k
Play Furious Moles - Free online game The moles got reaaaly angry! Your only chance to stop them is to use items in your garden. Use them wisely though, each mole has it's own quirks and not all the garden items are cr [...]
The Amazing Fix - The Veteran's House 4.2k
Play The Amazing Fix - The Veteran's House - Free online game In this game you are responsible for cleaning and fixing up your house. Get objects and get money for them. However the number of objects you can pick is limited by the number of " [...]
Hexagonator 1.4k
Play Hexagonator - Free online game Connect Hexes to create path, in this challenging puzzle game. The game gets more difficult as you progress. Try to complete all 25 levels! [...]
Obduction XP 1.3k
Play Obduction XP - Free online game The evil Monstrous Alien has abducted you and now is about to put you through a maze filled with traps and other monsters.. Can you survive this trial? [...]
Adam 1.2k
Play Adam - Free online game Travel through time to discover what was in the beginning ... [...]
Folds -- Origami Game 1.3k
Play Folds -- Origami Game - Free online game Try to fold as many shapes as you can. Takes time, and patience but is definitely worth your effort! [...]
Caesar's Day Off 1.1k
Play Caesar's Day Off - Free online game Caesar has all the power so use it wisely! ;) Thumb up or Thumb down? [...]
Scale of the Universe 2 3.4k
Play Scale of the Universe 2 - Free online game Explore the Universe like never before in this interactive presentation! [...]
Game Corp 1.3k
Play Game Corp - Free online game Ever wondered how a Game making industry works? Now you have got a chance to try! Play this awesome Corp simulation game [...]
Bownse 1.2k
Play Bownse - Free online game Simple Arcade game with puzzle elements. Build blocks to choose a proper path for your laser.. [...]
Canoniac Launcher 1.2k
Play Canoniac Launcher - Free online game Use cannons, weapons, upgrades and bombs to launch yourself as far as you can. Earn cash to upgrade your equipment. [...]
Wooden Pieces 1.2k
Play Wooden Pieces - Free online game Place the wooden pieces so that they don't fall on the ground.. This game really challenges your thinking abilities..
Game contains 24 original levels [...]
Dibbles 4: A Christmas Crisis 1.3k
Play Dibbles 4: A Christmas Crisis - Free online game The Dibbles return once again, but this time our King is on a new Christmas themed mission. Command the Dibbles and help their king safely cross 33 Xmas themed levels. What's so [...]
A Short History of the World 1.6k
Play A Short History of the World - Free online game Great thrilling ride through the entire history of human kind. From Mamoths to .. Just check it out! 38 different minigames for you to play! [...]
Druid Wars 1.4k
Play Druid Wars - Free online game Use 8 runes to summon 8 powerful magical beings to defend your Ancient Tree. Match 3 or more runes to replenish mana pool from which to summon your guardians. During battle, you ca [...]
Magic Well 1.2k
Play Magic Well - Free online game Defend the Magic Well from the invaders from another dimension in this crazy puzzle game. [...]
Legend of the Void 2 2.6k
Play Legend of the Void 2 - Free online game Travel through the world of Calderia and restore order to the land in shrouded in darkness and havoc. Choose your hero, will it be a powerfull Mage, a skilled Ranger or mighty Warr [...]
Artillery Rush 1.3k
Play Artillery Rush - Free online game Kill as may soldiers in as few shots as you can, destroy bridges, cars, ships, well pretty much anything that you can lay your shells on.. [...]
Haunted House: Quest for the Magic Book 507
Play Haunted House: Quest for the Magic Book - Free online game Find an old magic book in this eerie haunted house. [...]
Juggle King 1.4k
Play Juggle King - Free online game Juggle yellow balls with your platform. Prevent them from falling into the ground. [...]
Skulls 1.3k
Play Skulls - Free online game Match skulls in this spooky game, a match 3 game with a fun game mechanism. The game includes a shop with different power-ups to get and 30 challenging levels to complete. Move [...]
Fast man: Hungry City 1.1k
Play Fast man: Hungry City - Free online game Help the hungry person to collect hamburgers. Try not to lose any hamburger, with it you will be helped by bonuses which slow down speed collect all hamburgers on a game field and [...]
Farm Mania 2 1.7k
Play Farm Mania 2 - Free online game Great news: Anna is back again! This time she is even more enthusiastic, active and full of great ideas! Do you want to take up farming? Then don't miss your chance! Fruits and veg [...]
Cargo Bridge 2 1.2k
Play Cargo Bridge 2 - Free online game The Cargo Bridge is back! Build a bridge and test your construction skills. Now, there are more levels, more bridge connections, more cargo and more fun! Design a bridge on a bluep [...]
Ion swarm 1.2k
Play Ion swarm - Free online game Control a cloud of blue particles in a simple relaxing game. Fight the dark matter and try to survive as long as you can! [...]
NoNoSparks: Genesis 1.3k
Play NoNoSparks: Genesis - Free online game Be part of the genesis! The goal of the game is to create a complete world step by step, including flora, fauna, humans and even dinosaurs, through solving logical puzzles based [...]
Burrito Bison Revenge 1.6k
Play Burrito Bison Revenge - Free online game Burrito Bison is back for more gummy squashing action in this epic sequel! More special gummy bears, more wrestling in the ring, more doors to shatter, more powers to upgrade, more [...]
Advanced Ninja 2.1k
Play Advanced Ninja - Free online game A sweet ninja game of grappling around levels to reach the exit door. Grapple to reach new spots. [...]
Snaket 1.4k
Play Snaket - Free online game Dodge walls and obstacles and try to catch all the chicks! 3 difficulties to chose from. [...]