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Devil Games Games

Devil Games Games

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Freak o' Lantern 1.4k
Play Freak o' Lantern - Free online game You are a freaky evil monster child in dire need of Candy! Go and get them from the unsuspectinc children! Halloween night is today and you really want the candies! Beat the oth [...]
Prehistoric Shark 2.3k
Play Prehistoric Shark - Free online game It has been long thought that the demise of the Dinosaurs came through a meteor! Not any more! We now know the truth! It was one huge megalodon roaming the seas, terroizing an [...]
Pocket Creature PVP 1.2k
Play Pocket Creature PVP - Free online game Create army of creatures and fight with them to conquer all islands. Each creature can evolve to a new sub-species with unique features! Save the Pocket Creatures World! [...]
Death vs Monstars 1.3k
Play Death vs Monstars - Free online game Shoot thousands of weird monsters, collect money, improve your guns and items and face the final Boss in this awesome arena shooter. [...]
Infectonator 2 3.4k
Play Infectonator 2 - Free online game Create powerful zombie virus to spread among people on all continetns of the Earth. More Super-Zombies, more Upgrades, more strategy, nicer grpahics but most of all more deaths a [...]