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Action Games

Action Games

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Alien Attack Team 1.4k
Play Alien Attack Team - Free online game Great shooting game with lots of action! Trust me you won't be bored!
Great pallete of weapons to use in this fast paced action shooting game will give you hours of fun! [...]
Questopia 1.3k
Play Questopia - Free online game Great RPG/ Hack'n'Slash game with lots of stuff to kill, catacombs to explore and equip to use!
Simple yet very fun combat, exploration and leveling game, with lots of mobs [...]
Freak o' Lantern 1.4k
Play Freak o' Lantern - Free online game You are a freaky evil monster child in dire need of Candy! Go and get them from the unsuspectinc children! Halloween night is today and you really want the candies! Beat the oth [...]
Prehistoric Shark 2.3k
Play Prehistoric Shark - Free online game It has been long thought that the demise of the Dinosaurs came through a meteor! Not any more! We now know the truth! It was one huge megalodon roaming the seas, terroizing an [...]
Dino Run : Enter Planet D 1.1k
Play Dino Run : Enter Planet D - Free online game Dino has to run from the Death Wave casued by an asteroid imapact! Collect egs and other stuff to get more DNA to evolve faster run, jump and other skills. Brace yourself! [...]
Glean 2 2.5k
Play Glean 2 - Free online game Planets! Resources! Mine! Your task is simple, visit a planet, mine all the resources you can and avoid being destroyed by heat, pressures and enemies. Your mine-robot is fully [...]
Dillo Hills 2 3.1k
Play Dillo Hills 2 - Free online game Addicting multi-player racing game with lots of upgrades to characters and most of all fun! Race against hundreds of players from around the globe, gain experience, improve your r [...]
Virus Wars: Beginning 849
Play Virus Wars: Beginning - Free online game Experiments are on the way! Now is your chance to kill off all the other viruses by taking advantage of the mutagens at your disposals. Mutate or Die! [...]
Sperm Defense 2 3.2k
Play Sperm Defense 2 - Free online game What happens if a weird ugly guy invents a potion of Handsomeness? Well see for your self in this sequel to the Sperm Tower Defense. Unique towers will help you to beat off thousan [...]
Zombo Buster 1.1k
Play Zombo Buster - Free online game Line up your anti-zombie squad and protect Medan City from the awful zombification in this strategy game. [...]
Hands of War 3 1.1k
Play Hands of War 3 - Free online game The Heartstone is still powerless as the factions of Tempor struggle to rebuild a broken nation. Can you unite the champions and discover the secrets of an ancient evil? [...]
Barbarium 1.1k
Play Barbarium - Free online game Barbarium is an action platformer set in a post-apocalyptic world, where the man with the fastest lasergun and the biggest sword is the king. [...]
Super Bomb Bugs 1.4k
Play Super Bomb Bugs - Free online game It's time for a step back in time to the glory days of arcade platformers. Help Bomb Bug collect up all his treasure and artifacts spread over 20 levels in 4 varied worlds. F [...]
I Can Fly 1.2k
Play I Can Fly - Free online game Save your beloved pig girlfriend from the nasty rat who kidnapped here! Fly up to his planet and rescue her! Improve your wings and stamina in order to reach higher. Increase your [...]
One Way Dungeon 1.3k
Play One Way Dungeon - Free online game Being the valiant knight you set out to explore the dark dungeon. Your task is simple run, slay monsters and avoid traps. You cannot stop your run though, so watch your steps! [...]
Blow & Raze 1.1k
Play Blow & Raze - Free online game You're going to demolish buildings in Blow & Raze! Place your dynamite on strategic points on the building and start the explosion. If the blue marker ends up below the green marke [...]
Bloons 1.7k
Play Bloons - Free online game Pop as many balloons in each level as possible. You have a certain amount of darts in each level and a score to beat. [...]
Unlucky Robber 1.2k
Play Unlucky Robber - Free online game The trap has been triggered! Now it's up to you to help the treasure hunter to escape the Pyramid before it's too late.. Collect treasures to learn more skills after each stage. [...]
Shotgun vs Zombies 1.2k
Play Shotgun vs Zombies - Free online game Fight hordes of zombies and upgrade your shotgun to the maximum level. You earn cash for each killed zombie. Beware though as your shotgun becomes better so will the zombies you ar [...]
CraZ Outbreak 1.3k
Play CraZ Outbreak - Free online game Fight your way through the zombies infested town, just you, your trusty handgun and a barricade are your only friends.. Use experience gained in each level to improve your skills. [...]
Lazerman 2.4k
Play Lazerman - Free online game In a secret military experiment your head has been severed from your body, but gained incredible abilities. Your goal is to restore your body, and, if you like smash the entire lab [...]
Furious Moles 1.1k
Play Furious Moles - Free online game The moles got reaaaly angry! Your only chance to stop them is to use items in your garden. Use them wisely though, each mole has it's own quirks and not all the garden items are cr [...]
Sands of the Coliseum 2.4k
Play Sands of the Coliseum - Free online game Fight your way up the Gladiator ladder in this gore-filled action fighting game. Purchase new Weapons, Hire new Gladiators, Improve skills. Warrning! Hours of fun ahead! [...]
Mechanical Commando 1.1k
Play Mechanical Commando - Free online game You are a commanding officer of a Mechanical Robot set out to anihilate anything that moves, well, in fact anything.. [...]
The Most Wanted Bandito 1.2k
Play The Most Wanted Bandito - Free online game Become the Most Wanted in the whole Wild West to earn your place in history! Shoot your way up to the Top of the Most Wanted ladder. [...]
AR Arcade 1.6k
Play AR Arcade - Free online game Old school space Arcade! Fun and addictive! Lead your ship through the vast space of the Universe! [...]
Turkish Warrior 1.5k
Play Turkish Warrior - Free online game Turkish warrior is defending his platform at all costs. Shoot all the enemies and purchase new better weapons. [...]
Clan Wars 2 - Red Reign 3.1k
Play Clan Wars 2 - Red Reign - Free online game Destroy all opposing clans, create new units, upgrade their armor and weapons, use your Hero and his unique ability, use spells, towers, anything to help you beat those pesky oppos [...]
Fort Blaster. Ahoy There! 1.3k
Play Fort Blaster. Ahoy There! - Free online game Ahoy there Pirate! Wanna blast some fort with yer ship Cap'n? Arrr! [...]
Sift Renegade 3 1.2k
Play Sift Renegade 3 - Free online game In this third action platformer series we revisit Kiro's past, before his partnership with Vinnie and Shorty, when his brother Keinji was still alive. In this game you will fight a [...]
Canoniac Launcher 1.2k
Play Canoniac Launcher - Free online game Use cannons, weapons, upgrades and bombs to launch yourself as far as you can. Earn cash to upgrade your equipment. [...]
Snowball 1.2k
Play Snowball - Free online game Good old fasioned pinball fun! With lots of things to explore. [...]
Click defense: green danger 1.3k
Play Click defense: green danger - Free online game The story: Somewhere in a distant galaxy an evil emperor leads his green hordes, attacking all planets he can reach. There is only one planet left free and you are going to help i [...]
Pinata hunter 2 1.2k
Play Pinata hunter 2 - Free online game Beat the sh*t out off the Pinatas! Buy weapons upgrades to assist you in this virtuous undertaking.. [...]
Abstract Defense 1.2k
Play Abstract Defense - Free online game Abstract Defense is a challenging skill based action defense game, with simple and fun mechanics that requires fast response in order to survive as long as possible. Earn various a [...]
The Rock 1.1k
Play The Rock - Free online game This weird cow is shooting its way through alien world. [...]
Feed Us 4 2.6k
Play Feed Us 4 - Free online game Blood! Everywhere.. Feed your Piranha with the flesh of unsuspecting victims.. Improve your piranha, by earning more blood in each level. [...]
SAS: Zombie Assault 3 1.2k
Play SAS: Zombie Assault 3 - Free online game Play on several Maps, use tons of weapons, gain ranks and even play multiplayer in this "Defend my House" style of game. Up to 4 player co-op multiplayer is here for your zombie [...]
Shadow Rising Unleashed 1.2k
Play Shadow Rising Unleashed - Free online game The deamons attacked. Kai is the only hero that can save the realm. Play this awesome side scrolling adventure game. [...]
Heroes of Mangara 1.3k
Play Heroes of Mangara - Free online game Travell the world of Mangara with your Heroes in this brand new tower defense game combining elements of rpg and tower defense games. Level up your heroes, learn new spells and ski [...]
Aetherpunk 1.4k
Play Aetherpunk - Free online game Defend your base at all costs, build new weapons, turrets and barricades to fend off the invaders.
Build 20 weapons, 6 turret types, use your skills to help you survive. [...]
Tribot Fighter 1.2k
Play Tribot Fighter - Free online game Our hero is the last of his kind. He is lost in a distant world and knows the only way home is to fight what is within him. It is your duty to progress through action-packed levels [...]
Flawed dimension 1.1k
Play Flawed dimension - Free online game Two young boys are lost in the woods. Sucked into a strange portal they appear in a foreign dimension, themselves turned into hideous creatures. Your goal is to find a way out of t [...]
Legend of the Void 2 2.6k
Play Legend of the Void 2 - Free online game Travel through the world of Calderia and restore order to the land in shrouded in darkness and havoc. Choose your hero, will it be a powerfull Mage, a skilled Ranger or mighty Warr [...]
HumVsZerg5 1.3k
Play HumVsZerg5 - Free online game Lead your elite forces to the victory in this unique Action packed Tower Defense game. [...]
Destructo Dog 2 1.1k
Play Destructo Dog 2 - Free online game Destructo Dog is back to take revenge on the nasty evil cats! He is from the Mars so he sure knows about evil cats, right? [...]
Hordes and Lords 1.2k
Play Hordes and Lords - Free online game Command units of footmen, bowmen, knights, catapults - improve their attack and armor to conquer the entire land. [...]
Sift Heads - Assault 3 1.4k
Play Sift Heads - Assault 3 - Free online game Survive as long as you can using all means possible! New surroundings, new challenges, new powerful weapons and new kick-ass fighting moves. [...]
Death vs Monstars 1.3k
Play Death vs Monstars - Free online game Shoot thousands of weird monsters, collect money, improve your guns and items and face the final Boss in this awesome arena shooter. [...]
Fast man: Hungry City 1.1k
Play Fast man: Hungry City - Free online game Help the hungry person to collect hamburgers. Try not to lose any hamburger, with it you will be helped by bonuses which slow down speed collect all hamburgers on a game field and [...]
To The Gates 1.3k
Play To The Gates - Free online game To The Gates, a complex challenging game, that blends the shooting fun with a captivating strategy-making story. haloiu_mihai is typing... [...]
The Pyro Guy 1.2k
Play The Pyro Guy - Free online game Then this little platform game will definitely please you. You are Pyro Guy, a bomb expert and your objective is to destroy precise targets. Avoid the guards and use your explosive [...]
Bio Zombie 1.3k
Play Bio Zombie - Free online game Our hero, Bruce, was a retired soldier who was detained in a sleep chamber on a secret island laboratory.When he regained consciousness, he discovered that he was not aloneā€¦ Zomb [...]
Angel of the Battlefield 2 2.2k
Play Angel of the Battlefield 2 - Free online game Rescue shot-down pilots from certain death! Crazy rabbit is here to help you out with your rescue mission. [...]
CS Bomberman 1.3k
Play CS Bomberman - Free online game Bomb fight on the CS battlefield. Place bombs to make your way through a labyrint, kill your opponents, pick up bonuses in this very addicting game [...]
Gravshooter 1.4k
Play Gravshooter - Free online game Match balls of the same color to destroy them and earn score. Fill the special bar to get bonuses and powerups. Features: 8 colors of bubbles; 15 achievements; [...]
Hunted Forest Race 2 420
Play Hunted Forest Race 2 - Free online game Race the hunted forest, but be aware of the evil bubbles. [...]
Angry Zeppelins 2 1.3k
Play Angry Zeppelins 2 - Free online game Angry Zeppelins are trying to destroy all good that was in this world! You are the only chance to contain their evil! [...]
Nerd vs Zombies 2 1.2k
Play Nerd vs Zombies 2 - Free online game Fight the zombies horde. Collect points, upgrade your nerd and buy new weapons. [...]
Decision 2: New City 3.4k
Play Decision 2: New City - Free online game Awesome graphics and animation in this cool zombie shooter will give you hours of zombie fun! Take under control another city full of foul creatures. Build your Factories, protect [...]
Shopping Cart Hero 3 1.2k
Play Shopping Cart Hero 3 - Free online game Many have tried. Many have failed. Do you have what it takes to be a hero? Shopping Cart Hero returns with more addictive jumping action than ever before in three all new worlds [...]
Bee Sting 1.2k
Play Bee Sting - Free online game Defend your Queen Bee from the enemy wasps that want to take over your hive. Wave after wave, how long would you last and are you mighty bee stinger? [...]
Burrito Bison Revenge 1.6k
Play Burrito Bison Revenge - Free online game Burrito Bison is back for more gummy squashing action in this epic sequel! More special gummy bears, more wrestling in the ring, more doors to shatter, more powers to upgrade, more [...]
Dole Deporter 908
Play Dole Deporter - Free online game Help David Cameron deport the plebs in order to save money! Round them all into the cage so they can be shipped abroad! Draw lines for people to walk on. Longer lines cost more [...]
Anime Smash Duo 3.4k
Play Anime Smash Duo - Free online game What happens when you create female versions of your favorite anime characters? Fight with two magic ninja characters. Use extreme combos and supers to fight. [...]
Advanced Ninja 2.1k
Play Advanced Ninja - Free online game A sweet ninja game of grappling around levels to reach the exit door. Grapple to reach new spots. [...]
Hobo 5: Space Brawls 3.2k
Play Hobo 5: Space Brawls - Free online game Hobo has been abducted by aliens and finds himself on a UFO in deep space. Aliens have used his DNA to clone him and are in the process of making a hobo army. They also drained Hob [...]
Blood, Brains & Bullets 1 10k
Play Blood, Brains & Bullets 1 - Free online game Kill all Zombies before they get to you! Buy weapons and defences to help you survive for 15 days.

Mouse: Aim and fire
Change weapons: 1-8
Zoom (if you have [...]